Thursday, 9 August 2018

K9Dojo: TORONTO: undersocilized DOGS: DOBERMAN PUPPY

Follow us on Twitter @k9dojo Under-socialized young dogs can very quickly become unmanageable and also develop red zone like behaviour.
This 11 month Doberman was ready and willing to bite if put under the right circumstances.
The owners had a Prong Collar on the puppy and were not using it correctly.
I do not like to use these collars on young unstable dogs or any dogs for that matter.
The level of pain and discomfort that is unleashed with every correction is enough to send any puppy over the edge.
Training that is based on pain or Discomfort is not ok.
ALFA ROLE is needed with all dogs but its the way we reach that status of leader that is so important.
Not to lose site of whats really important that you and your canine are best friends.
I used a martin gale collar and redirected the puppy without using much redirection
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