Sunday, 11 February 2018

Czech German Shepherd Puppy-manners training

This is Jedi, he’s a German Shepherd puppy. He has been nipping at my other two dogs’ toes while they are resting, he just wants to play ALL OF THE TIME. He is a really high drive puppy, and sometimes my Beagle and Yorkie just want a break from him. So in this video, I am just starting to teach him manners for in the house. I’m training him to leave my Beagle and Yorkie alone when they are resting. I just get him to sit and look at me, then I give him a treat, very simple. Jedi responds immediately to food/ treats, which is great, because he learns so fast. This won’t stop him from doing it again, but it redirects all of his focus, and makes it a lot easier to control him. He is only a 9 week old puppy, so I am using redirection for now, but redirection does not get to the core of the problem, that is, why does he do it in the first place? Because he is a puppy who wants to play, and he doesn’t know any better. This is just to let him know he should not be doing it, I like to try possitive methods first (he’s a little puppy), but this method is by far no game changer.


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