Saturday, 10 February 2018

Bravo (German Shepherd) Boot Camp puppy Training

Bravo is a working line German Shepherd that completed the Neuman K-9 Academy boot camp for dogs. This program covered obedience commands to sit, stay, down, heel, come when called (off-leash), confidence building, distraction proofing, and general etiquette like waiting at doors until released and no jumping up. He also learned how to run on the treadmill, and jump in a vehicle on command.

Our Minnesota puppy training camp provides programs for German Shepherds such as boot camp, obedience training, puppy camp, and personal protection K9 training.

Neuman K-9 Academy is a professional canine training school that provides board and train (inboard) for dogs, and fully trained dogs for sale.

Bravo was breed by In Dogs We Trust, LLC. (Wir Vertrauen). For information on their German Shepherd dogs or puppies visit:

For more information on our training please visit:


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